Wigtown U3A Current Affairs Group

Feb 2021. Apart from adding the Byline page, this site has remained dormant for nearly a year.

April 2nd.

All topics we looked at, prior to Covid-19 interrupting us, are accessible via the menu heading PreCV19Topics.


March24th.  I have changed the Forum (details on that page) and have added another page to the Corona Virus page in this, the main site.  Check the menu above.

Ground Rules for Discussion (1)

The above link is to a Word file.  It has the ground-rules for group discussion.  As it’s the first thing to decide and discuss when a group is set up, it seems appropriate to give you sight of them as the first item on the front page of this website! The rules are occasionally revisited to determine their continuing fitness for purpose.


We are part of the U3A (University of the 3rd Age) organisation, specifically here in Wigtownshire, southwest Scotland.  Here is our main website.

The U3A is a national organisation (website here) with nearly half a million members.

We are a small (in number!) group, within the Wigtown U3A, specifically  interested in discussing Current Affairs.  This website that you are looking at now is a summary and record of what we have been doing recently.

We have only set up this site recently (last week of February 2020) and it is in a state of flux (polite way of saying it ain’t finished!)  The intention is to update it every month or so….but as it’s about Current Affairs it will never be finished!

On the menu above you should see the topics we have covered.  There are usually several pages to each topic- hovering with a mouse and/or a click/tap will show you the sub-pages within each topic.

We have lifted much of what is here from emails sent by the Group Leader prior to our monthly meeting.  These emails contain(ed) background information and reading.

{The reason you see “myexperienceof.net” as the url in the address bar is that the site belongs to one of the group.  He named it years ago for something else, but no longer uses it for its previous purpose and so it is now ours to use as we wish.  We get to use it for free as long as we keep the name as it is registered.

We have now also registered the name www.wigtownu3acurrentaffairs.co.uk- this will redirect you to myexperienceof.net- which is where we originally built the website.  Both sites are the same content.  It’s a technical thing……♥.  It doesn’t matter which name you use…it’s just a lot cheaper to do it this way.}

It would be helpful if, when looking at things here and you find a broken link, you got in touch via the Contact Form.  We do check but as this is “Current Affairs” some of the linked to articles and sites may grow old and disappear…..Thanks.