Resilience- what is it?

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It would be enormously helpful if everyone read everything before the meeting.  And then had a think about what it all means to each of us.

These links and pages are a sort of buffet of ideas, resources, prompts and starting points for further individual thought and group discussion.  I hope you will have a “taste” for the subject by the time you have read stuff.  Some will resonate with you, some you will wonder why it’s here.  That’s fine.  We are all different and have different experiences, needs, skills, resources etc.  But we also all have much in common.  Please….read on:  



Some links to read through that describe what resilience may include as an idea or concept:

A definition  Mainly from the psychological point of view.

Another psychology website

This one is from UK Mind website


In summary- we are looking at “how to cope” in difficult situations….Maybe read through everything on these 4 pages and come back to this page to ask:

“For us, here and now, “How prepared are we…as individuals, a town or village, country, planet..?”

Some situations are out of our control, some are closer to home and we can prepare.

I am going to add this link- make of it what you will.  It’s about Trump and politics and our reactions.